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Welcome to Catuçaba

Fazenda Catuçaba is a true rural idyll situated amongst the rolling hills in the countryside 30 minutes from the historical town of São Luiz do Paraitinga. Fazenda Catuçaba is conveniently located halfway between São Paulo and the Pousada Picinguaba.

The property's 450 hectares (1,100 acres) include an operational organic farm, rivers, lakes and expansive views from the mountaintops. 32 sources and two rivers feed numerous lakes including one reserved for leisure activities, such as canoeing, fishing and swimming. From the mountain tops, we admire beautiful mountain landscape mid-way between the states of Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The traditional 1850s casarão (main house) is the hotel's centerpiece and retains its cosiness and charm. 08 rooms and 02 suites are available set above the casarão in three charming farmhouses, with views of the valley and forested hillsides.

For the adventurous traveler or family looking for relaxation, outdoors, discovery, or a small private venue, Fazenda Catuçaba offers all of this with the benefits of homegrown, sustainable food from the farm, including coffee and cachaça. Nothing here disturbs nature's peace - no TV or internet - allowing for true relaxation. This is a place to enjoy the rich local culture and to hike or ride with our horses to the stunning nearby valleys bordering the State Park of Serra do Mar.

Please find below all the important information you need to know about the Zika.

  • Cases of Zika have been identified on four continents. It has been detected in more than 20 countries in the Americas, including the United States.
  • Symptoms can include mild fever, rashes, conjunctivitis, muscle or joint pain, and general feeling of illness that begins 2-7 days after infection. Four out of five people who are infected have no symptoms at all.
  • The spread of the virus has been linked to thousands of birth defects (particularly microcephaly, where babies are born with abnormally small heads and incomplete brain development) thus prompting countries to advise pregnant women against going to the areas where it has been detected.
  • If you are not a woman of childbearing age who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant, the Zika virus is unlikely to cause you any serious trouble.
  • Zika virus usually remains in the blood of an infected person for about a week. The virus will not affect a baby that is conceived after the virus is cleared from the blood.
  • Zika cannot be transmitted person to person or through the air, food, or water.
  • There is no vaccine or cure for Zika.
  • Infected persons are advised to take aspirin, drink water, and rest. Hospitalization as a result of Zika is uncommon.

As both Catuçaba and Picinguaba region are located in remote places and in towns with no more than 400 inhabitants it is possible to control and monitor the virus.

Should you have any more doubts, we are available to answer your questions.