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Experience Catuçaba - Rates 2019/2020

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Experiences in Catuçaba

We organize the days to make the best of what there is to enjoy, depending on guests personal interests, weather conditions, the time of the year, or relevant specifics such as local festivities, or the opportunity of a full moon ride on horseback.

Here are some of the excursions we offer, considering guest preferences, weather conditions and local festivities (we stress that not all are available at all times).

  • Horse-back riding:
    Being on a horse is just the natural way to get about in this region. We organise bespoke rides for all levels through the beautiful mountains around us, with local private guide. There are many itineraries, from 1h to a full day with picnic. You are going to want to do it more than once! We have about 25 well-trained horses used to all level of riders, including beginners.
  • Rainforest treks in the Natural Park:
    We are right next to the Serra do Mar State Park, A UNESCO protected ecosystem, and surrounded by a mix of mountains (1000 to 16000 metres high) and rainforest, scattered with fresh waterfalls, that allow for magnificent hikes, with a park ranger.
  • Exploration of the local culture:
    Old abandoned coffee farms, nearby art and craft centres or historic sites are a must-do (like Sao Luiz de Paraitinga, the main “caipira” cultural centre of Brazil, or Cunha, the most important fine-art ceramic centre in Brazil).
  • Private Rafting passing through untouched forest (Subject to availability)
  • Others adventures: bird-watching in the Mata Atlantica (one of the most varied ecosystems in the world), canopying, etc.