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"Blissful simplicity" - FORBES

The Experience

Our hotel is about the experience, the human touch, the story behind. This transpires from everything we do – the decoration, the architecture, the ingredients we use, the people who work here, the way we receive our guests, a thousand details.

Much of this comes naturally. It is our identity, but also the identity of Catuçaba, of the people born in the village, and that of Brazil. More than anything, this is an attitude and these values we apply to everything we do. This often steers us deliberately away from the norms of the hotel industry.  We favor a certain amateurism and try to do nearly everything ourselves, the artisanal way.

We believe luxury is simplicity. Our simplicity is not the contrary of wealth, nor the contrary of sophistication. Bringing something to its simplest reality can be a rather complex process. Our simplicity is an unpretentious attitude, naturally pleasurable things and real sensations that together generate authentic happiness. We are all about hospitality, and we want to be a host that does not dictate the rules, that does not impose its presence or its style, so that there are never 02 days equal at Catuçaba and freedom can be enjoyed to the full.

Map of Catuçaba private estate