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The Farm

A fazenda in Brazil is a farm, the equivalent of an hacienda in Argentina, literally "where things are being produced".
The concept of a fazenda is intimately linked to the history of Brazil. From the sugar-cane fazendas in Pernambuco in the 16th century, to the coffee fazendas of the 19th century between Sao Paulo and Rio that made Brazil a prosperous country, it is where a particular identity was formed. Many urban people living today in big Brazilian cities actually grew up in a fazenda, which were often cut off from the world, had their own church, school, and self-sufficient.

This is what we want to express today by putting life back into Fazenda Catuçaba. This way of living reminds a lot of us of a different period of our time, whatever country we come from, more intimately linked to nature, to simple people, to working the land, to breathing fresh air.
Fazenda Catuçaba uses no chemical product whatsoever in its production of coffee, cachaça, beans, salads, herbs, fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese. This quality production is for the exclusive use of our 2 hotels and villas, in Catuçaba and nearby in Picinguaba.

Map of Catuçaba private estate